Wing And Hollow

I met up with my friends Wing & Hollow to shoot a quick video for this cover they wanted to do. We met up on a Sunday afternoon and knocked it out in two hours as Jill had to sing at the London Hotel that evening. I love these guys becuase of their dynamic together. There is something honest and true about their sound. The Dan Auerback song seemed to be a perfect fit. I used two 7D’s mostly handheld and a few shots on my Kessler Crane PB Pocket Dolly. In post I messed around with different looks and am pretty happy with the final aesthetic. I think it fits the mood. – ME


Somewhere in the midst of palm trees and the sunshine of the West Coast rises the soft elegant sounds, not of raindrops but the patter of acoustic guitars and seductive vocals that pour out from Wing and Hollow’s newest release, North of Nowhere.

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