FIFA World Cup ABC Promo

Directed, Written and Edited by MATT EDWARDS



Network ABC

I wrote and directed this promo for ABC’s Fifa WorldCup Kickoff Concert in collaboration with my long time collaborating production company – Control Room. It was a challenging production because I had to collaborate with my cameramen on the ground in South Africa from the main control room at LA Live in Los Angeles. It was a really rewarding project as we were putting together the shoot outlines and interviews up to the wire. We managed to achieve all our objectives and fed the promo live to air from the Avid at LA Live because of the insane turnaround time. It was really exciting as well as nerve wrecking!
This promo aired during the NBA Finals Halftime Show on ESPN.


Kickoff Concert Opens 2010 FIFA World Cup

“South Africa, South Africa, are you ready?” Black Eyed Peas shouted to the 30-000 strong crowd 12 minutes into the live broadcast – and from that moment, the first-ever FIFA World Cup Kick-Off concert hit its stride and the pace never let up.



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